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V. Kiseyev

Specifics of interaction between music and video in the performance “Book of Days” by Meredith Monk

The article is a continuation of the research devoted to the analysis of the concept of video performance “Book of Days” by Meredith Monk. This article discloses the traditional musicological issue of interaction between music and stage action in music theatre, the latter is presented in the named performance by a video sequence. The author focuses on the compositional organization of the work and discusses two principles of combining music and video that are characteristic of Monk’s art – synchronization and de-synchronization.

The author focuses on the fact that in the work under consideration video recordings are designed not only to form artistic reality, but also with the help of associations that arise due to the comparison of historically unrelated events, to draw the viewer’s attention to the problems of our time, and thus to build a semantic layer of the composition. A musical layer does not contain a descriptive element, but has distinct quality of suggestion, coupled with the screen images, they help to build associative connections in the viewer’s mind between the artistic and documentary events that unfold in different spaces and times. Through a special combination of video and music, elements from reality are introduced into the work of art. Thus, the author has the ability to directly influence the viewer’s consciousness and his psychological sensations. The immersion into the inner world of the performance through the special techniques allows viewers to relive historical events and independently draw parallels between them and social problems of our time.

Key words

performance in the works of Meredith Monk, interaction between music and video, compositional patterns.

For citation

Kiseyev V. Specifics of interaction between music and video in the performance “Book of Days” by Meredith Monk // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2021. No. 4. Pp. 18–24.