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A. Maklygin

Music composition pedagogy in the light of Russian national determinants of the 20th century

The article considers the process of integration of national traditions into the European system of composers’ professional training. The author indicates two main educational models. One of them by A. Schoenberg, who thought that systematic implementation of national and especially folklore elements into the educational complex was unnecessary for young composers. Another one was formed in Russia in the 19th century by M. Balakirev and was based entirely on the “non-conservatoire” educational methods; its main principle was formation of the national intonation thinking. In the music of the 20th century the process of establishment of many new national compositional practices in the Russian educational system resulted in the development of a special role of composition teacher, who specializes in training the future “trailblazers” of national musical cultures. One of the first people who implemented those methods in Soviet pedagogy was G. Litinsky. On an example of his rather fruitful professional life the author demonstrates the main range of qualities of a teacher-composer that ensures the successful development of young “pioneers” of different national musical cultures (Armenian, Tatar, Chuvash and others). Among them are competences of purely musical and stylistic level (mode intuition, sense of harmony in folklore monody practices, improvisation etc.) as well as ethnic and psychological parameters of didactic communication in a composition class. The main attention is paid to the professional inheritance in this area of Russian pedagogy of the 1930–1940th in comparison with pedagogical “trial” of Balakirev, as well as individual traits of French educational practice, represented by P. Dukas and especially N. Boulanger.

Key words

music composition pedagogy, national musical cultures, Soviet music of the 1920–1930s, M. Balakirev, A. Schoenberg, N. Boulanger, G. Litinsky.

For citation

Maklygin A. Music composition pedagogy in the light of Russian national determinants of the 20th century // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2021. No. 4. Pp. 107–115.