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N. Sadykova

Ilya Aldakov: with love for the small motherland

The article touches upon the issue of the formation of a composer school in one of the poorly studied regions of our country – the Sakhalin region. The focus is on the one of the most significant figures for the development of professional music in the island region figure – Ilya Aldakov, a composer, member of the Union of Composers of Russia, teacher and performer (singer and instrumentalist). The purpose of the article is to form a circle of ideas about one of the significant musicians of the area, who influenced the development of the art of composition in the Sakhalin Region. For the first time in Russian musicology, the musician’s creative life and his ideological and aesthetic views are presented. The author of the article makes an attempt to classify the directions and styles of the Sakhalin composer’s music. A brief analysis of one of the iconic works by I. Aldakov – the choral cycle “Silent Songs of Ancestors” – is adduced in the article. This cycle was exerted essential influence the processes of composer’s activities development in the Sakhalin region. Arrangements of the Nivkh song folklore refer to the phenomenon of composer’s folklorism, characteristic of the modern Russian music. The work was created on the basis of adaptations of the following authentic folklore examples: “Lullaby”, “Improvisation song” (appeal to the God of water), “Won’t you love me?” (the latter is lyric love song alhtund). In conclusion, an assessment of the historical role of the musician in the development of the composition on Sakhalin is given. This information, introduced by the author of the article, is drawn from various sources, the most complete of which are personal conversations and interviews with the composer.

Key words

Ilya Aldakov, Sakhalin composers, folklorism, “Silent Songs of Ancestors”, Nivkh folklore.

For citation

Sadykova N. Ilya Aldakov: with love for the small motherland // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2022. No. 1. Pp. 74–82.