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V. Leonov, N. Karpova

E. Mravina: dramatic fate (Rostov features to the portrait)

The article highlights in the form of a digest the life and career of the artist of the Imperial Theaters E. Mravina (Mravinskaya), who shone on the St. Petersburg opera stage in the late 19th century. The performance was given to the family, from which not only Mravina, but also the great conductor E. Mravinsky, and the outstanding Soviet diplomat A. Kollontai came out. As summarized testimonial, the words of the poet Igor Severyanin, who was the second cousin of Mravina, are cited: he said about his sister – “the tragic nightingale”.

The specifics of work in the Imperial theaters, the safety of artists, the division of the year into two seasons – theatrical and touring, is revealed. The dramatic troubles of relations between the Imperial Theaters Directorate and E. Mravina are highlighted. The reasons for the termination of the singer’s professional career, her further dramatic fate in personal and creative terms is presented.

The characteristic of Rostov-on-Don of the 19th century is given, as an ordinary county town, which had an appropriate cultural level, up to the last quarter of the century. The role of the construction of the railway from Rostov to Russian capitals and spa centre Mineralnye Vody in the revival of touring practice in the economic capital of the Don is shown. As a result, dozens of artists from the Imperial Theaters, representatives of the musical elite of Russia, visited Rostov with concerts.

E. Mravina toured in Rostov five times (from 1890 to 1900). The article provides feedback from the local press on the performing skills of the artist, contains information about the organizer of the concerts, about the stages on which the soloist performed, her repertoire etc.

Key words

E. Mravina, academic vocal art, Imperial Opera Theaters of Russia, touring concert practice in Rostov-on-Don.

For citation

Leonov V., Karpova N. E. Mravina: dramatic fate (Rostov features to the portrait) // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2022. No. 2. Pp. 122-128.