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V. Demina, E. Kiseeva

Specifics of sound space organization in P. Huyghe’s projects

The article is devoted to the study of the sound space of the works of the modern French artist Pierre Huyghe. In the process of studying the synthetic nature of his projects, special attention is paid to the problems of perception of a work of art that unites many mechanisms. One of the most important levels of perception is the territory of the intersection of music and fine arts, explored in the aspect of modern trends in artistic culture. It is noted that the problem of sound visualization plays an important role in the artwork of famous modern artists and musicians. In this context, the most significant projects are: “Silence Score”, “The Third Memory”, “One Million Kingdoms”, “A Forest of Lines”. When studying the sound component of these projects, the authors relied on N. Burrio’s works “Relational Aesthetics”, R. Goldberg “Performance Art: from Futurism to the Present”, C. Bishop “Artificial Hells. Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship”. Researchers, noting the importance of the works of modern French artists, distinguish the variety of mechanisms they choose when creating a functioning system of interaction practices and expanding the exhibition space (attracting relevant formats to the exhibition – music, cooking, journalism, advertising, television, cinema and new technologies).

The materials of the research were presented in various forms: video, photo, phono-, documenting the main stages of the projects under consideration. The authors paid special attention to the issue of the multidimensional nature of the sound space of Huyghe’s projects. The concept of interaction of reality and fiction, history and memory acts as a unifying factor in the artist’s various works. Visualization by mean of automated mechanisms of sound space, perceived by the audience as noise/silence, reveals the idea of conditionality of silence.

Key words

Digital age, Pierre Huyghe, performative practices, music and sound visualization.

For citation

Demina V., Kiseeva E. Specifics of sound space organization in P. Huyghe’s projects // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2022. No. 2. Pp. 50-55.