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O. Usacheva

Yu. Falik’s quartets in the mirror of the composer’s choral creative work

The article is devoted to the quartets by the St. Petersburg composer Yuri Falik, traditionally considered by researchers as a source of technical and intonational ideas of his other works, including for the a’cappella choir. The reverse vector of influence studied in the article – from chorus to quartets – is explained by the author by the gradual change of the composer’s thinking – from instrumental to vocal-choral, which began during the creation of the first opuses in the choral genre and was accompanied by a deep immersion in the history of choral music. In addition, the author draws attention to the objective prerequisites for the convergence of the quartet and choral genre spheres, such as the mono-timbreness of the composition, the non-tempering structure, the proximity of the expression of voice and string instruments, the number of parts. At the stylistic level, intonation-thematic and textural roll calls between quartets and choirs are explained by the diffusion of timbre roles of vocal-choral and instrumental music characteristic of the style of Yu. Falik. Imitation of choral sound in quartet writing is carried out by means of a system of choral lexemes, the invariant basis of which is one or another textured model of choral sound. The article examines three groups of choral lexemes: mono-rhythmic, antiphonic, linear-polyphonic, and also identifies their genre and extra-musical prototypes, texture-harmonic characteristics, and traces the connection with the composer’s choral music. At the music content level of the quartets, diverse timbre-genre associations with chorus sound together form a collective image of the choir, generalizing various traditions of polyphonic singing. The author comes to the conclusion that the system of choral lexemes as carriers of the semantics of sublime ideas should be considered as one of the most important semantic elements of composer’s quartet style.

Key words

Yu. Falik, quartet, music for a cappella choir, timbre imitation, choral lexeme.

For citation

Usacheva O. Yu. Falik’s quartets in the mirror of the composer’s choral creative work // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2022. No. 3. Pp. 89-100.