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V. Leonov

Preliminary afference and effector process for playing a wind instrument

The article is devoted to the coverage of the activity of the nervous system (both the center and the periphery) during sound extraction and sound formation while playing a wind instrument. The distribution of motor functions in the structure of the brain, the hierarchical structure and strict specialization in the work of its various levels are shown. The sequence of actions of the central nervous system aimed at sound extraction and sound control is presented. It is noted that without coverage of various kinds of afference, extrapolation and corrections of the effector process, the idea of the above activity is formal.

The performing apparatus of a wind instrument player is the most complex among musicians of other specialties. It is indicated that for this kind of activity, a person needs adaptation of biophysical components, which requires a shift of physiologically acceptable constants in the right direction. Afference also undergoes corresponding changes, and the overall complication of the system leads to a decrease in its stability.

The paper shows the role of the preliminary afference of efforts and actions, which arises on the basis of multiple repetitions with the active participation of the neocortex. Experimentally, the number of reproductions of sound extraction was revealed, after which the corresponding extrapolation of activity begins to appear. It is noted that the number of repetitions of one or another material should not exceed ten. After exceeding the specified volume, the central nervous system may make errors caused by neuronal fatigue; the effector process will lose focus and expediency. The terms of the formation of a holistic afferent process when playing a wind instrument are highlighted – up to 5–7 years. Permanence in the evolution of reception, dictated by age-related changes in the human body, is noted. The process of formation of brain patterns is shown, in the light of the theory of N. Bekhtereva.

Key words

sound production on wind instruments, pre-afference, formation of the effector process.

For citation

Leonov V. Preliminary afference and effector process for playing a wind instrument // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2022. No. 4. Pp. 120-125.