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Tatyana S. Rudichenko

Doctor of Sciences (Musicoligy)
Professor, Head of the Folk Music Laboratory at the Rachmaninov Rostov State Conservatory
(Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

Research sphere and interests

Tatyana Rudichenko is interested in the issues of ethnomusicology, ethnography, history of Russian musical culture (problems of textology, inter-ethnic interactions, the interaction between national and professional culture; the history and current state of traditional culture and folk music, etc.), issues of musical aesthetics.


Tatyana Rudichenko is the author of more than 140 academic publications (articles, monographs, collections of folk songs, collective academic works and textbooks), devoted to the problems of history and theory, textual criticism, historiography and methods of study of traditional culture, including 14 articles in academic journals peer-reviewed and indexed in the System of Russian Science Citation Index (including 6 articles published during the period 2014-2018). T. S. Rudichenko is the editor of 12 academic journals and music publications, 7 monographs, including: "Music Folklore of Dargins" by E. B. Abdullayev (2007), "Orthodox Singing Tradition at the Turn of XX–XXI Centuries" by S.I. Khvatova (2011), "Singing Canon of Victorious Celebrations: "Service of Thanksgiving"" by V. N. Demina (2013), "Songs Tradition of Don Ukrainians in the Past and Present" by T. A. Kartashova (2014), "The Choral Art on Don (XVIII – Beginning of XX Century)" by V. A. Valchenko (2014) and "Baroque Music and Architecture. Experience of Worldview Interpretation of Art" by G. V. Rybintseva (2015).


Since 2004 T. S. Rudichenko has been the member of the Editorial Board of the academic journal " South-Russian Musical Anthology" (Rostov-on-Don, RSRC), and since 2014 she has been the member of the Editorial Board of the academic journal "Problems of Ethnomusicology" (Moscow, Russian Academy of Music).

T. S. Rudichenko has been teaching at the Rostov State S. Rachmaninov Conservatoire for more than 40 years (since 1974). As research supervisor she has prepared 8 PhDs and 1 Doctor of Arts on folklore studies, history of Russian and foreign music.

Since 2013 she has been the first level expert of the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund, and since 2017 she is the expert of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. She maintains expertise in the Dissertation Council of the Rostov State S. Rachmaninov Conservatoire, acting as opponent on the defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations (PhDs) in dissertation councils of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Saratov.

T. S. Rudichenko participates in retraining and advanced training for teachers of middle and senior education, organizes and conducts master-classes for students of music colleges and universities, participants and leaders of folklore groups, museum workers (the last ones were held in 2013, 2014, 2016).

One of the most important directions of T. S. Rudichenko’s activity is field study of traditional ethnic cultures (more than 50 expeditions in Rostov, Volgograd regions, Stavropol region, Odessa region of Ukraine, Karachay-Cherkessia, etc.) for collecting folk music, recording and interviewing tradition bearers. As she heads the Laboratory of Folk Music, she has created the research team, including doctoral students and graduate students, involved in the recording and study of folklore and religious practices of the peoples of Southern Russia. This group is involved in the Federal target program "Culture of Russia", in the framework of the project "Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage", including the creation of the electronic catalogue of intangible cultural heritage (2013-2016). Also T. S. Rudichenko has participated in projects, grants research funds (1999, 2000, 2005) and programs of fundamental research of Presidium of RAS "Adaptation of Peoples and Cultures to the Environmental Changes, Social and Technological Transformations" (Dagestan scientific center of RAS "Dargin Folk Music ", 2007; "Polyethnic Region: Language, Culture, Politics, Economy", 2008).

For several years she has collaborated with the Rostov theaters, music performances, the media company Don-TR, where she was the author and host of a radio series about folk culture, participated in the creation of five documentaries: "In Starocherkasskaya to the Feast" (1988), "Azure Flowers" (1991), "Semikarakorsk Faience" (1992), "Portrait of a Chieftain in the Historical Scenery" (1997), "Sholokhov Spring" (1999), led to the transfer of national culture on the radio "Don Cossack" and company "Tele-X" (2013, FM and Internet – http://www.teleiks.ru/radio.html).

T. S. Rudichenko is involved in the jury of academic and creative competitions, including ones for youth (2011, 2015, 2016, 2017). Also she is involved in the promotion of Rostov region groups to participate in festivals, competitions and other activities in Russia and abroad.

Academic and creative achievements by T. S. Rudichenko awarded the prize of the Governor of the Rostov region "For Contribution to the Scientific Potential of the Don" (1998). She is the laureate of the contest "Melpomene 2002", regional branch of the Theatre Union in the category "Best Music Performance". For the significant contribution to development of culture and long service she was awarded with Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation (2013). By the decree of the Governor of the Rostov region T. Rudichenko was awarded the medal of the Governor "For Valiant Work for the Benefit of the Don Region" (2016).


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