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Elena S. Zinkevich

Doctor of Sciences (Musicology)
Professor at the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine
Head of the Chair of Music History of the Ukrainian Ethnoses and Criticism
Member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine
Member of the International Musicological Society
Member of the National Union of the Composers of Ukraine
Member of the Association of Contemporary Music
(Kiev, Ukraine)

Research sphere and interests

E. Zinkevich as a scholar and musicologist develops theoretical problems of musical-historical process, and issues of contemporary music, symphonism, the development of intercultural relations, the interaction of music with other arts, contemporary music, etc.


Articles by E. Zinkevich are included in many encyclopedias, such as Ukrainian Radyans'ka Encyclopedia, Musical Encyclopedia, Great Soviet Encyclopedia, Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. E. S. Zinkevich is the author of monographs, textbooks, more than 200 articles in collections of academic papers and specialized periodicals. Since1980 to 1988 she had been the public correspondent of the magazine "Soviet Music". In 2007, in collaboration with Y. I. Chekan she released the first in Ukraine textbook on musical criticism, which was included in the shortlist of all-Ukrainian rating "Book of the Year" in the category "Specialized Literature". The course of criticism, developed at the Department, involves obtaining the qualification of criticism by students. Students of E. S. Zinkevich fruitfully work in this area and regularly publish papers in various periodicals.


Elena Zinkevich regularly participates in academic conferences in Ukraine and abroad (Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, ). Elena is a member of the Academic Council for doctoral dissertations at the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine.

Since 1974 E. S. Zinkevich has been the member of the Ukraine National Union of Composers (UNUC). She was the member of the management Board, Deputy Head of the Kyiv organization of the UNUC, the coordinator of musicological activity of SC of the USSR (1991-1992), the Secretary of the UNUC Board (1990-1994). Since 1995she participates in the Contemporary Music Association, which is the Ukrainian section of the International Society for Contemporary Music at UNESCO. Elena Zinkevich is the initiator of the projects and the organizer of musical conferences, such as Musicological Symposium with the participation of the IMS directory, which involved scientists from fifteen countries (Kiev, 1-5 September 2008). She was appointed the member of the Collegium of the Ministry of Culture, and Artistic Member of the Supervisory Councils of the National teams, the member of the Advisory Board of the HAC of Ukraine, the member of the jury of the state awards and competitions, often participates in public lectures (more than 200 performances), radio and TV programs.


Elena Zinkevich is the laureate of the Prize of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education Institutions of Ukraine for the best academic publication (monograph "Dynamics of Renewal. Ukrainian Symphony at the Present Stage in the Aspect of the Dialectic of Tradition and Innovation" (1987). Also she is the laureate of the Prize of the magazine "Suchasnist" for the study "Unknown Sixties" (1999) and the laureate of the N. V. Lysenko Prize (2006).


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