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B. Ashkhotov, A. Mishaeva

The variant character of the conceptual interpretations of word-music correlation in vocal genres

Three vocal works of Kabardian composers Kh. Kardanov, Dz. Khaupa, and Z. Zhirikov based on the same text (A.Bitsuev’s poem «It snows») are considered in this article. The correlation between poet and composer’s artistic thinking as well as between vocal and poetic beginnings is analyzed. The authors give an idea of the development of vocal lyrics in Kabardino-Balkarian professional art from genre popular song to more complicated chamber vocal genre (romance) at the example of these compositions. There are score examples.

Key words

chamber vocal music, romances, the correlation between music and word, Kabardino-Balkaria, Kh. Kardanov, Dz. Khaupa, and Z. Zhirikov.