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A. Ovchar

Creative basics of performing school on oboe by Michail Ivanov

The article еlucidates the creative activity of the outstanding musician-performer and teacher M. Ivanov – graduate of oboe class at Musical college to the Kharkov branch IRMO (1900), soloist of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kharkov, Tiflis, Odessa, Moscow opera and symphonic orchestras, pedagogue at the Moscow Conservatoire. The author examines methodical and pedagogical foundations of M. Ivanov’s school of the oboe playing, which consist in the substantiation of the basic positions: setting the embouchure (by M. Ivanov – «easy setting»); the technique of performing breath, which helps to overcome the problems of sound production and sound leading when playing the oboe; work on scales and etudes as a foundation of professional performance; achievement of «artistry and concertness» of technical repertoire; work on music piece (attention to the smallest details of performance, careful selection of the performing means of expression, activation of performing-editorial skills). Systematic usage of these principles allows us to consider the school by M. Ivanov as fundamental for education of contemporary musicians – oboe performers.

Key words

M. Ivanov, oboe, school of performance, setting the embouchure, technique of breath, pedagogical principles.