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K. Margunova

The creative conception by N. Dorliac in performing and teaching activities

The author devotes this article to her teacher – Professor of the Moscow Conservatory Nina Dorliac. The outstanding chamber singer of the XXth century who successfully combined performing art and pedagogy is presented in the unity of their professional aspirations. The idea that artistic and technical problems can’t exist in genuine art separately is emphasized in the article. For N. Dorliac – in the classroom and on the stage – technique of singing has always been a technology of creating of a complete image. This fundamental aim predetermined (and predetermines at present) orientation of pedagogical process of N. Dorliac herself and her legendary class’ pupils. The article reflects the repertoire addictions of N. Dorliac who strived to educate diverse interpreters gifted in performing music of old masters and modern authors. Particular emphasis is placed on the principles of chamber vocal performing art. Irrespective of the voice dimensions and the future profile of work – in opera house or philharmonic stage, each student of N. Dorliac’s class learned the specifics of chamber style execution. The author gives a significant consideration for N. Dorliac’s laborious work over the word and artistic side of music, inseparable from the technical foundations of vocal mastery. In general the pedagogical method of outstanding teacher is characterized as a complex one, aimed at education of the distinctive artistic personality. Methodical principles of N. Dorliac are comprehended by the author in indissoluble unity with the moral-ethical standards of artistic education. Formation of professional consciousness of young singers in N. Dorliac’s class was relied on the high traditions of Russian vocal school and was supported by the realization of its enlightener mission.

Key words

N. Dorliac, chamber singing, musical performing art, vocal pedagogy, singing technique, performing interpretation.