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V. Mostitskiy

Innovatory educational activity in the vocal art sphere: actual tendencies

A role and significance of educational innovations in the development of Russian music education are characterized in the article. The author points out the most impossible tasks which should be solving by means of educational innovations using. At the same time such principal directions of innovative activities as substantial renovation of educational process, learning to new pedagogical methods and making educational institutions of new types are marked. The «universal» approach to the teaching of vocal methods (which includes «childhood» and «adult» periods as intercommunicative components), using of mediatechnologies for the search of professional information and learning priority aspects of singing art, educational activity of Galina Vishnevskaya’s Opera Singing Centre are considered as examples of appropriate innovations up to standard of high school.

Key words

educational innovations, high school music education, vocal methods, media-technologies, Galina Vishnevskaya’s Opera Singing Centre.