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V. Yurchuk

A singer and accompanist – components of success (with the examples of vocal works by P. Tchaikovsky)

The article considers the problems connected with performing arts singers and accompanists. The author notes that outstanding native composers of the XIXth century such as P. Tchaikovsky, M. Mussorgsky, S. Rachmaninov, repeatedly performed in ensemble with famous singers of the time. The origin of Accompaniment class as an independent educational discipline at the Rostov College of Music (in 1932), thanks to persistence of the director of this College G. Dombaev, is mentioned. The author examines the chamber-vocal heritage by Tchaikovsky as a brilliant example of synthesis of poetic word (painted by music intonation and bearing the storyline) and piano accompaniment embodying the psychological implication of the work. The particular attention is given to stylistic features of the defined romances and the influence of operatic and symphonic works by Tchaikovsky the indicated genre. Problems of imaginative content, composition structure, sound balance are constantly presented in the author’s field of view, owing to that an idea of the inseparable fusion of vocal and instrumental sources in the process of creation an integral work of art is formed.

Key words

P. Tchaikovsky, genre of romance, chamber vocal performing art, accompanist, ensemble.