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S. Sakharova

D. Shostakovich. The vocal cycle «Satires» to words from Sasha Tchyornyj: a performing analysis from the accompanist’s standpoint. The publication and comments by K. Zhabinsky; the introductory article by E. Potekhina

This publication includes the methodic essay from the manuscript heritage by Professor S. Sakharova (1936–2011) which is devoted to the vocal cycle «Satires» by D. Shostakovich to words from Sasha Tchyornyj. The author of the essay is founded on analysis in detail of composer’s autograph, and records that were realized by G. Vishnevskaya and M. Rostropovich in the 1960s, and her own performing and pedagogical experience too. Hence she expounds some advices to preparing and concert-scenic interpretation of the mentioned cycle. The introductory article emphasizes the most important stages of S. Sakharova’s professional biography and defines her personal contribution of the making and productive work of the Chamber ensemble and accompanist training Department at the Rostov State Musical-Pedagogical Institute – Rostov State S. Rachmaninov Conservatoire. The special attention is paid to the priority spheres of methodic activities by S. Sakharova including her manuscripts which are kept in the Library of S. Rachmaninov Conservatoire. The latter ones are of great value for the educational process of contemporary high music school.

Key words

D. Shostakovich, Sasha Tchyornyj, vocal cycle «Satires», performing interpretation, music grotesque.