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A. Denisov

About the correlating «quotation–context» in a musical work

In the paper some features of semantics formation and functioning as applied to the musical quotation depending on a concrete context of using are considered. The researcher notes that interactions between a quotation and context have bilateral character and realize in the following versions: neutral (semantics of the quotation and context don’t influence upon each other actively); dynamic (semantics of the quotation and context are clashing and undergoing mutual transformation); dominating (semantics of the quotation or context has the prevailing, transforming influence). In the author’s opinion a type of suitable interaction depends on ways of the quote inclusion, and invariance/transforming her primary source material, and scale or nature of extra text communications conformably to this material too – both a context and quotation. Extra text communications of the quote primary source and its context vary during different periods of cultural development. They depend also on the level of concrete listener competence and his thesaurus determining capacity in perception of the quote extra text communications. Thus, the analysis of quote semantics requires a complex research considering both the general mechanisms of its functioning, and circumstances connected with a specific case of its formation. The researcher characterizes the most important features inherent in the musical quote art function.

Key words

musical text, quotation, context, semantics, art function.