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A. Korotina

On the activities of S. Prokofiev-accompanist (1908–1918)

The article is dedicated to the insufficiently known explored sphere of S. Prokofiev’s performing work such as performances in the capacity of accompanist during his Petersburg period of creative activities (since 1908 to 1918). The researcher notes that «early» S. Prokofiev’s art of accompaniment needs to be examined in the indissoluble connection with chamber vocal music by him (musical tale «The Ugly Duckling», Romances Op. 23, «Five Poems» to words from A. Akhmatova etc.). The author of the article basing oneself upon epistolary sources (first of all Prokofiev’s diary) points to the aptness of demarcation the characterized period as two stages. The first of them is conditioned by formation and perfection of S. Prokofiev-accompanist’s profession skills in the conservatoire years (1908–1914), the second period depends on the intensive concert activity of «the free artist» (1915–1918) which has mainly performed his own works (solo and chamber ensemble). Much attention is paid in the article to Prokofiev’s creative collaboration with outstanding Russian singers of the early XXth century: A. Zherebtzova-Andreeva, I. Alchevsky, N. Koshitz, O. Butomo-Nazvanova, Z. Artemieva, El. Popova. Besides that some composer’s dictums concerning the motivated selection of interpreters conformably to his works, and the practical aspects of chamber vocal performing art etc. are cited by the researcher.

Key words

S. Prokofiev, accompanist’s work, chamber vocal music, I. Alchevsky, N. Koshitz.