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M. Grineva

Melodic principle within the conditions of the new type of sound material in the vocal works by E. Denisov

The article concerns peculiarity of melodic principle in the vocal creativity by E. Denisov, the leader of Russian avant-garde of the second half of the XXth century. The purpose of the article is to reveal the features of the vocal principle in the conditions of the new type of material in the vocal works by Е. Denisov. Vocal creations of his early and middle creative periods are in the focus of attention. They are analyzed to find out the traditional and new features. In the early period creations by the composer based on the traditional classic-romantic means of vocal music. An important part of Denisov’s vocal melodies of this period is the imitation of human speech, expressed through verbal recitation. The complex of linear-melodic, metro-rhythmical and syntactic means, which were usual for Denisov’s serial works, is shown. The author proposes the classification of three types of melodic relief organizations caused by the various proportion of the dissonant chromatic system, seriality and melodic cantilena (cantilena and dissonance) within the middle period of creations. Also, according to a number of features, in some cases the author points out the «instrumental nature» of vocal melody. A new term – «dissonant cantilena» – is represented into academic use. The article concludes that some of the distinctive qualities of tunes by Denisov appeared in the organic combination of elements of cantilena type, speechphrase and the features of an instrumental melody.

Key words

E. Denisov, vocal music, melody, cantilena of the XXth century, dissonant cantilena, seriality, serial technique.