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S. Anikienko

Interaction of arts as a base of «The Spring Musical and Art Festivals» in Ekaterinodar (1912–1913)

The author of the article based on archival materials and publications in the press examines the organization problems and characteristic features of «The Spring Musical and Art Festivals» in Ekaterinodar (1912–1913). The undertaken analysis of remained documents furthers to specify the named festivals dating, to identify their specificity and role in the development of the Kuban region music culture. «Festivals» carried out on M. Gnessin’s initiative were drawn towards interacting between musical, fine and choreographic arts. Concert programs and exhibitions of works by contemporary painters, and musical-choreographic performances were accompanied by addresses and explanations in the spirit of lecture-concerts. The technological achievements of that time are widely used too (in the views of painting slides). In the centre of «Festivals» the modern art considered in the light of the ancient culture influences, and creative aspirations of young avant-garde artists or composers, and a dialectics of general and special in the works by M. Vrubel and N. Rimsky-Korsakov. The participation of the prominent Russian cultural workers (N. Zabela-Vrubel, N. Kulbin, M. Semyonova) in «Festivals» was of great cultural and educational importance. The author of the article interprets «The Spring Musical and Art Festivals» in historical perspective and points out their connections with Russian art festivals of our days.

Key words

Mikhail Gnessin, Ekaterinodar, «The Spring Musical and Art Festivals», interaction of arts.