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L. Atlas

In the shadow of Shostakovich (Recording Of Vitaly Khodosh`s String Quartet)

A comparative analysis of String Quartet No. 1 by D. Shostakovich and String Quartet No. 1 by V. Khodosh is carried out with the aim of confirming the hypothesis on the peculiar proximity as applied to the creative search processes of the named XXth century Russian composers. A brief overview of the historical events giving an impetus to the creation of both quartets is given. The article contains quotes from the personal interviews of the author himself with V. Khodosh, which allow us to draw certain propinquity between the artistic intentions of the mentioned masters. Characteristic features of the Shostakovich’s style, such as tonality uncertainty, the transformation of motive elements and intonation of Jewish music are analyzed in parallel with the similar characteristics of the String Quartet by V. Khodosh. The musicological analysis of both quartets is combined with the performing one, and some interpretation of the imagery and semantics of this music – with a description of the definite devoices of ensemble playing. The analogies between the two compositions carried out by the author are called upon to draw the attention of performers to the commonality of composer’s approaches to the embodiment of lyrical and dramatic images in the both works. Discussing about the specifics of chamber music performance in the whole, the author comes to the conclusion that the difference in the age, experience and performance principles of the quartet participants is not an obstacle to formation of an ensemble of musicians who subtly understand each other.

Key words

string quartet, D. Shostakovich, V. Khodosh, chamber music, analysis of the performance.