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O. Sergeeva

The author’s tempo directions in E. Stankovich’s First Symphony («Sinfonia Larga») in aspect of the epic realization

The article is devoted to the author’s directions of the tempo in E. Stankovich’s First Symphony («Sinfonia Larga»), considered in the aspect of the epic realization in music. The researcher has covered the spectral panorama of numerous compositional digital metronome directions (mainly positioning hugely slow rates), which determines the specificity of the velocity space in this work. Among them, there are a large number of metronome directions appropriate to the tempo of Grave. The latter, in common with the other text components, demonstrates the epic slowness and slow development of the musical narration. In the line of these text components such «indirect instructions» apropos of the tempo movement in the orientation of retarding as cantabile and espressivo, piano and diminuendo, poco ritenuto and poco a poco ritardando are analyzed. It seems also very important some representatives of the artistic depiction of the epic as objectivity and detached contemplation, landscape-natural principle and oneyorotope organically functioning in the conditions of tempo slowness of the named composition. At the same time, a comparison of the performance total duration as applied to the separate interpretative versions of the symphony allows find out the tendency to retarding and the influence of this duration conformably to the artistic regulating of the epic «stretch on a long time».

Key words

«Sinfonia Larga», epic, tempo directions, Grave, the artistic depiction of the epic.