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Z. Kazharova

Kabardian lyrical songs of the female repertoire

The article deals with the Kabardian lyrical songs of the female repertoire that exist today. They are studied in terms of continuity to the folklore genres and author’s creativity through a comparative analysis of poetic texts and tunes of male and female lyric songs. The material of the research was collected during the expedition round the villages of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. For the first time women’s lament songs, being performed in these villages, were chosen as a subject of an academic research. As a result of the study, typical and specific signs of female lyric songs were revealed, conditioned by oral and written musical and poetic tradition. The connections between female and male lyric songs are manifested in the lexical units being included into the text (defining and amplifying the emotional mode of speech) and also in structural organization – marking the verses and boundaries of the compositional units of the melody, that is typical for folk-song poetry with verbal inserts. The usage of indirect methods of professional poetry is revealed in the immediate similarity of the structure of individual lamentable songs to a ghazal structure. While the composition of the tunes is close to the romance-songs by the professional singers of the East. This work can be used to study the music and poetic features of the extra-ceremonial genres of the Adygs.

Key words

the Adyghes, female lyrical songs, songs of mourning, crying songs.