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E. Kiseyeva

Repetitive technique as the leading method of organization of material in music-theatrical performances (on the example of postmodern dance)

In the article some features of the embodiment of the minimalism principles in musical and theatrical performances of the 1970s-1990s are considered. The joint productions of American composers S. Raich and F. Glass, the founders of minimalism, and choreographers,De Keersmaker, L. Childs, T. Braun - representatives of the major trand of the postmodern dance were chosen as the subject for the study. The author focuses on the key problem of organizing a composition for minimalism. In particular, rehearsal is considered not only as a composition technique based on an infinite repetition of the material, but as the leading method of organizing the whole, combining both music and dance. The article also identifies common for Minimal Art aesthetic ideas associated with the embodiment of rehearsal in other arts. Rational, devoid of any subjective revelation process of creating the work and its subsequent deliberately non-emotional performances were important for the perception of art. All this allowed the recipient to penetrate deeply into the inner world and the very fabric of the musical and choreographic work, and also contributed to an explanation of the broader problems of art that worried the minds of the creative intelligentsia of the late 20th century.

Key words

Contemporary Musical Theatre, Minimal Art, Musical and Choreographic Performance.