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I. Shabunova

Contemporary Oldenburg theatre as the center of performing arts

The objective of the article is one of the modern theatres in Germany, while the subject of the study is its structure. The purpose of the review is to highlight the multiple activities of this successful cultural center. The method of comparative analysis is used in the synchronic and diachronic directions, due to propose the concept of two models of theatre ‒ «mono-profile» with the dominance of one art form and «poli-profile» with the combination of various artistic practices. It is the second model that corresponds to the phenomenon being studied. While the article considers the repertoire strategy on the one hand, and the functioning of the theatre in society, on the other, the traditions of the formation of the musical and dramatic theatre in Germany are taken into account. Also it is specified (in the historical retrospective) the interaction of two trends: the specialization of theater activity and the continued emphasis on the consent of the arts in its structure. The situation with the Contemporary Oldenburg Theatre shows that the attention is paid to various approaches to ensure its effectiveness. The repertoire updates with the harmonious relationship of the classical heritage and contemporary creativity. The range of means to attract the public is expanding (media, content of the website, abonements, tours, lectures, exhibitions). There takes place the closer look into the past (creation of online collection of historical documents and scholarly writings) and predicting of the future (training for young performers in the opera studio, the improvement of theatrical pedagogy in the youth environment). These steps provide both the stable existence of the theatre and its future development.

Key words

mon-profile and poli-profile model of theare, structure of theatrical performance, historical and cultural context.