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Y. Evsyukova

Ecological music as a new style`s direction in contemporary music

The author attempts to characterize the area of ecological music as the flow of a certain stylistic “information” in the music culture of the second half of XX– and the beginning of XXI century. The formation of new ideological position in the system “man – environment” in the twentieth century, based on the awareness of the evils of the gap between man and nature, served as a powerful impetus to the formation of new directions in the Humanities (the ecology of culture, environmental aesthetics), as well as the surge of interest in environmental issues in various types of art. In response to these trends there emerged the stylistic trend of ecological music and the need in its musicological conceptualizing in the context of contemporary musical culture. The research analyzes a number of works by foreign and domestic composers on environmental issues and demonstrates a number of original methods to organize composition, pitch and metrorhythmic structure due to the impact of unusual meaningful framework. Despite the fact that works of this kind are the part of various music styles within academic and mass-media focus, using a wide range of compositional techniques and tools (acoustic and electronic music, computer technology, multimedia etc.), they have a number of common, typical patterns, which identify them as stylistic unity.

Key words

person, environment, ecologic music, style direction.