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L. Atlas

The Russian Connection – Interpretation of Selected Music and the Performing Qualities of the Players

In the course of this research the question of ‘Russianness’ in relation to both the music selected and the performing qualities of players who would be taking part in the project has continual - ly arisen. In the presented article the author will try to give a very brief summary of some of the opinions on this subject from both Western and Russian musicologists (this summary is selective only and is not intended to be exhaustive or comprehensive). After that author addresses the question of ‘Russianness’ in terms of technique and interpretation rather than through vague or subjective concepts. Interpretation is discussed in terms of general meaning and in the context of this research. Practical aspects of applicature and bowings analysed in preparation for performance and recordings, importance of the informative approach to this characteristics is also discussed. The end result of above mentioned application is presented and considered.

Key words