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E. Konopleva

Internet as a Means of Formation of the Sound Picture of the World in Teenage Mind

The article is devoted to the analysis of various Internet resources in the aspect of their music content and its influence on the process of forming of the music tastes of teenagers. On the basis of the sociological research, hold among 14–16 years old schoolchildren, the author reveals their great interest in the art of music, as well as the involvement of teenage groups in the process of listening to music, exchanging opinions and, as a result, emergence of amateur creativity. The survey showed that the influence of the Internet in teenage environment is dominant. The article presents the analysis of the most popular Internet information portals (YouTube, Зайцев.нет), file sharing sites (torrents), social networks and their member communities, broadcasting music information. The article indicates the reasons for the demand for Internet communications in connection with the popularity of network resources in the tenage environment. The author raises the question of indepth analysis of music content, broadcast by means of social networks and specialized musical portals. The article also gives a number of characteristics of their content. The author reveals musical and style priorities and notes that the power of the suggestion of musical information (received through the Internet channels) serves as an impetus to the formation of value criteria and a wider sound picture of the world for new generations. This brings the problem of analyzing this sound information flow to the level of strategic importance.

Key words

teenager, sound picture of the world, multimedia, musical Internet resources.