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M. Fuksman

Problems, Content and Forms of Work with Foreign Students-Trainees in the Class of Music Composition

The article deals with the problems solved in the joint work of the Russian teacher-composer with foreign students-trainees, the content and form of such work. The special situation of a foreign (Scottish) student on short-term training is due to various circumstances. Among them is the difference between the Scottish and Russian traditions in pedagogical communication; poor students` command of Russian language; superficial conceptions of foreigners about Russian culture (including musical culture), Russian mentality; a noticeable discrepancy in the level of musical and theoretical training of Scottish and Russian students; the difference between the students of the two countries in basic aesthetic-stylistic values and preferences. The goal of the internship is determined as a general acquaintance with Russian culture and mentality. In connection with the goal, tasks are being accomplished. Among them - improving the system of musical and professional knowledge, competences, skills of the student; integration of foreign students into the Russian education system; expansion and deepening of the student’s consciousness of himself as a person and creator; enriching the repertoire of tactics and strategies used to create a musical text. To solve these problems, three meaningful directions in pedagogical activity are used. They are the musical and thematic organization of the opus; work with poetic Russian text; mastering the ways in for process of working on the text of the work to be embodied graphically. Each of these areas corresponds to certain forms of work, which are described in the article by the examples of the work of students and the teacher on writing romances for Russian verses. The conclusion is made about the effectiveness of using the proposed content approaches, forms of work for the introduction of a foreign student into the world of Russian culture.

Key words

content and forms of work, student-composer, poetic text, semantic organization, musical thematic sphere, graphic embodiment.