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S. Nesterov

Paganini`s Variations for Violin Solo on the Theme from the Opera «Maid Of The Mill» By Paisiello

Paganini`s Variations on the theme from Paisiello’s opera ‘The Maid of the Mill’ are an important stage in the formation of romantic genre variations in the context of the evolution of this type of composition from the 17th to 19th centuries. Analyzing the composition, the author traces the paths of the formation of the cycle for solo violin in the work of Vitali, Bach, Khandoshkin, classical composers. Amaranta`s arioso is described in Paisiello’s opera and Beethoven’s variations on a common source. The genesis of the theme melos has been revealed. It is shown that this Paganini`s cycle concentrates in itself its innovations in the field of performing art, compactly synthesizing them in the sections of the essay, pursuing the idea of accumulating resources and forms, combining strokes and techniques of performance from the beginning to the end of the cycle, in particular, performing pizzicato withleft and right hands , double staccato, flying strokes, double notes and chords. In the interpretation of variations as a genre, the author introduces the features of a suite, improvisation, fantasy. The composition reflects the structure of the theatrical performance, the hidden programme. The concept of the composition, proclaiming the unity of the artist-creator-man playing, with the world of natural space has been revealed.

Key words

variations, Paganini, improvisation, suite, genre.