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A. Dibrova

Repertoire Policy of the Rostov Musical Comedy Theatre in the Period of Its Formation

The article examines the issue of the creation and the process of formation of the Rostov Musical Comedy Theatre. The impact of socio-political conditions on the theatrical life of the city and the relationship between the organizational form of the operetta partnership and the seasonal nature of its activities are considered. The formation of the theatre is considered in the aspect of the evolution of its repertoire policy, which is closely connected with the tendency to update the content of operatic productions in connection with the requirements of the post-revolutionary life of the country and new guidelines in the field of culture. In this regard, the experience of adaptation of the text of classical operettas to topical issues of time and the creation of new works claiming the novelty of the content is considered. It was concluded that the repertoire was divided into permanent and variable parts, that was due to the commercial interests of the theatre. Particular attention is paid to the contribution of specific people, thanks to whom the theater was professionalized in those difficult historical conditions. Those were the advanced artistic forces of the city of Rostov, and the guest performers who made a significant contribution to the formation of the musical theater in Rostov-on-Don and to obtaining it the status of the state theatrical institution.

Key words

Musical theatre, operetta partnership, «Musical Comedy», operetta, Rabis, operetta repertoire.