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D. Muedinov

Exteneded Techniques of Sound Production on the Trumpet and Their Usage in Artistic Repertoire

The article is devoted to the extended performance technique of sound production on trumpet and its usage in the contemporary repertory for the instrument. The aim of the research was to analyses the extended performance techniques of sound production on trumpet in the works of composers in the 20th–21st century. The research was based on works of F. Ticheli, M. Powell, R. Moryl, P. Hembree. K. H. Gruber and R. Erickson, in which various extended performance techniques are used. The examples of using multiphonics in solo repertory on trumpet are examined in the article. The peculiarities of two-voice polyphony technique with simultaneous performance on the instrument and singing are exposed. The vocalinstrumental method of triad chord in composition “Exposed Throat” by K. H. Gruber, which demands higher level of mastering the multiphonic techniques, is studied separately. P. Hembree`s “Blue Sky Catastrophe” is used as an example of double buzz performance method, which is the type of chord performance and buzz trill. The acoustic structure of sound noise effects in R. Erickson`s “Kryl”, that shows broad spectrum of combined trumpet sound production techniques, is analyzed. The technological and artistic peculiarities of extended performance techniques of G. Schwarz, H. Hardenberger and other trumpet performers are highlighted.

Key words

trumpet, extended performance techniques, multiphonics, sound production, buzzing.