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A. Shevtsova

Viola in Russia Before Bashmet: Teachers and Performers (Borisovsky and Druzhinin)

The article traces the path of development of the viola performing school in Russia in the twentieth century on the example of the three of its representatives – V. Borisovsky, F. Druzhinin and Y. Bashmet. The author focuses on the musical and creative activities of Borisov and Druzhinin. In accordance with the interpretation of the notion of “the performing school”, which includes three integral components – performing art, pedagogy, repertoire. The contribution of each of them to the promotion of the viola as a solo instrument, which prepared the appearance of Yuri Bashmet on the world concert stage, is discussed. The history of viola as a solo instrument in the context of the domestic musical culture is considered as the formation of the Soviet/Russian viola school, the development of which went through the founding stages (V. B. Borisovsky), the development of the established performing and pedagogical traditions (F. S. Druzhinin) leading to flourishing (Yu. A. Bashmet). Each of the three representatives of the school promoted solo viola performance, deepening and expanding it, strengthening the position of the viola on the world stage. The presented material helps to realize the significance and importance of the activities of Borisov and Druzhinin in promoting solo viola performing and see a holistic picture of the development of the national viola school in the 20th century.

Key words

viola as a solo instrument, Druzhinin, Borisov, viola repertoire, viola performing school.