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E. Konopleva

Texts of popular songs as a values regulator of adolescents

The article is devoted to the analysis of the influence of verbal text of modern songs on the formation of behavioral forms, as well as life values in Rostov teenagers. On the basis of a sociological research conducted among schoolchildren of 14–16 years, the author revealed the dominant meaning of the word while listening to and perceiving a song by a teenager. In the article a cognitive analysis of the verbal texts of contemporary songs most sought after by teenagers is carried out. The reasons for needing a similar analysis due to its insufficient research in the scientific literature are indicated. The author proposes the classification of verbal texts into groups, based on their semantic content. Each of the groups has a brief characteristic. The article offers a detailed cognitive analysis of a group of songsthat express life valuables. According to the author, their verbal texts may have a special power of suggestion, which serves as an impetus to the formation of value criteria of the adolescencesubculture. The analysis of the corpus of songs designated by respondents taking part in the sociological research as the most demanded revealed that both in terms of their semantic content, and the means of the Russian language used - (specificities of chosen vocabulary, syntax etc.) the textual material contains many negative characteristics and forming a non-positive view of the world and its value priorities among the teenage target audience.

Key words

adolescence, life principles, values, lyrics, cognitive analysis.