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Alyabyeva A., Ding Yao

Chinese opera of Henan province: problems of analysis

The article is devoted to the problems of acoustic analysis of the voices of the Chinese Opera singers in Henan province. Acoustic analysis is a technical study performed by using special computer programs that can allow to “see” the sound visually in the form of graphs and diagrams. The analysis was carried out by the SPAX program together with its developer – Head of the Department of Information Technologies of the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, PhD in technical sciences A. V. Haruto.

Musical samples from the repertoire of the Henan opera, as well as the impressions of the authors obtained as a result of personal contacts with prominent Chinese artists served as the material of the study.

The identification of the physical parameters of sound made it possible to obtain new results in the study of vocal techniques of opera performers in Henan Province. In addition to the basic acoustic characteristics of the voice, the timbre (its spectral characteristics) is particularly interesting for the research. Among the timbre characteristics of the voice, according to the authors, the parameters of high, medium and low singing formants deserve special attention. These frequency groups within the singing voice provide it with such qualities as “brightness” of sound, the presence of a “metallic” sound and others. Moreover, it is interesting not only to determine the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of singing formants, but also their relationships.

A vivid demonstration of sound in terms of its basic acoustic characteristics, such as the frequency and range of sound waves, sound power and others, allowed the authors to conduct a comparative analysis of vocal techniques of Chinese and European opera artists.

Key words

Chinese Opera, opera of Henan province, vocal techniques, computer methods, sound, analysis, SPAX program.

For citation

Alyabyeva A., Ding Yao. Chinese opera of Henan province: problems of analysis // South-Russian musical anthology. 2020. No 2. Pp. 104–111.