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Astashev D.

Vocalizes by M. Bordogni in the system of values of Bel canto

The article considers Bordogni’s vocalizes in the context of the complicated process of interaction and mutual influence of bel canto and European singing school. In the historical conditions of the transition period of 20-40th of the XIX century, which is characterized as artistically off-balance time, professional skills of Bordogni, the principal tenor of Théâtre Italien and a professor of Paris conservatory, helped him develop his original teaching method. His commitment to the tradition of old Italian singers, whose methods were perfectly adopted in practice of his time, as well as his participation in many premieres of Rossini’s operas, let Bordogni gain his own professional background, which guaranteed his students a high level of singing mastery and an ability to work on vocalization. Both mentioned factors, in a way, protected his students from some awkward experiments of the upcoming romantic era, seeking to get rid of the old methods and to discover some new ones. Certain typological similarities in the elements of teaching methods, revealed in the exercises of “Méthode de chant du Parisien Conservatoire …” (1803) and in the tunes of the Bordogni’s vocalizes, prove some succession in the implementation of bel canto principles. Laws and techniques of teaching, used in Bel canto, required the ability to deal with its various specific details. The attributes of this school can be traced everywhere in Bordogni’s vocalizes: from teaching principles of portamento to work on the elements of coloration involving a kind of “guttural trills” (gorghéggio). Studies of didactic works by Marco Bordogni in terms of the values of Bel canto encourage general research of artistic processes in the context of extensive transitions between the esthetic trends. Within these processes, Bel canto, which origins are traced back to cantus planus, is moving apart from the rhythm of historical evolution thus proving to be a carrier of the constant rules.

Key words

Marco Bordogni, Bel canto concept, techniques of singing, vocalizes by M. Bordogni, “Méthode de chant du Conservatoire…”, B. Mengozzi.

For citation

Astashev D. Vocalizes by M. Bordogni in the system of values of Bel canto // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2020. No. 3. Pp. 77–84.