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Andrievskaya G.

Performing art of the Silver Age in the musical-critical works by V. Kolomiytsov

The article is devoted to the musical criticism of Viktor Kolomiytsov (1868–1936) – the well-known St. Petersburg publicist, lecturer, vocal pedagogue, organizer of music theatre and concert events, one of the most prominent translators of our country. The flourishing of V. Kolomiytsov’s work in the art critique sphere (1900–1920s) coincided with the epoch which is named the Silver Age of Russian culture. The latest characteristic of V. Kolomiytsov as «the fiery propagandist of R. Wagner’s work» par excellence (Yu. Keldysh) in our days seems as obvious exaggeration. It is necessary to consider as more accurate and impartial the different characteristic, according to which V. Kolomiytzov is a chivalry custodian of «the romantic ideals in music» (Yu. Kremlyov). The named feature of his world outlook entailed both critic’s «Wagnerian passion» and his apparent weakness for the performing art. The artistic portraits of the outstanding musicians that adopted the traditions of Romantic Age (F. Shalyapin, N. Figner, J. Hofmann, A. Ziloti, A. Nikisch, G. Mahler, F. Mottl, E. Napravnik, V. Landowska, V. Sofronitskiy) are captured by V. Kolomiytzov with striking brightness. Romantic intentions run through Kolomiytsov’s inimitable art of «snapshot », notable for exact «grasping» of the concrete performer’s characteristic features in the reviews. This quality is complemented with the greatly rare gift of «prediction» of artistic evolution of prominent musicians in the first third of the 20th century. Therefore, the author of the article concludes that critical works about performing art by V. Kolomiytsov are distinctive «conceptual antithesis» to the publicistic heritage of A. Ossovskiy (1871–1957). Both critics undoubtedly posses underlined traditionalistic artistic and aesthetic outlook and appreciable inclination to the performing problems of the opera-theatrical art. Besides that, A. Ossovskiy’s rationalism and «classicalness», his aspiration for comprehension of fundamental categories of artistic interpretation naturally correspond and specifically become equal with pre-eminence of emotional basis and «romantic quality» of V. Kolomiytsov.

Key words

V. Kolomiytsov, musical critique of Silver Age, A. Ossovskiy, musical performing art, performing interpretation.

For citation

Andrievskaya G. Performing art of the silver age in the musical-critical works by V. Kolomiytsov // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2020. No. 3. Pp. 85–90.