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Litvinets T.

Excerpts from the history of domra performance in the Donbass

While the art of domra performance has been marked by outstanding achievements, this folk instrument has been suffering from the lack of academic attention, especially when it comes to the activities of regional schools. The article focuses on one of such schools, namely on Donetsk domra school, which is one of the leading centers of professional development of domra players in the contemporary system of Russian music education. Until recently chaired by Professor V. Ivko, Donetsk domra school has achieved impressive results and has been acclaimed in the European cultural space as one of the promising ones. Today the pedagogical principles of V. Ivko are continued and developed by the Donetsk school alumni, including the author of this article.

The article shows to the reader the history of domra performance in the Donbass, the core of which has been the Department of Folks Instruments of Donetsk State Academy of Music named after Sergey Prokofiev. The “golden” page in the music history of the region is the activity of a unique chamber orchestra called “Lik domer”, which was founded and led by Professor V. Ivko. This music group won prizes at numerous prestigious contests and was the constant participant of concerts in the Donbass as well as in Europe. The article also sheds light on the modern domra repertoire comprising not only domra adaptations but also original pieces written for this instrument (including by Donetsk authors). The article reveals the key methodological principles defining the performing specificity of Donetsk domra school.

The unique performing character of Donetsk domra school, its traditions and considerable reputation form the basis of bright artistic prospects of academic domra playing in the Donbass.

Key words

four-stringed domra, history of domra, Donetsk domra school, academization, contemporary domra playing, V. Ivko, methodology of professional domra training, «Lik domer», domra original contemporary repertoire.

For citation

Litvinets T. Excerpts from the history of domra performance in the Donbass // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2020. No. 3. Pp. 97–104.