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Savvin A., Savvina L.

Musical communication of postmodernism

The article attempts to demonstrate a change in communication in musical art based on the material of the musical letter genre, since musical letter, in contrast to the literary genre of the epistolary heritage, is an exceptional rather than ordinary phenomenon. The authors conduct a comparative analysis of musical letters of the first half of the twentieth century and the end of the twentieth century on the example of the works of S. Rachmaninov and D. Argento.

A comparative analysis of the works of Rachmaninov and Argento from the point of view of the features of the communicative process allows us to conclude that in Rachmaninov’s letter the musical meaning is much deeper and more original than the content of the verbal text.

In a letter of Argento, on the contrary, the verbal text contains multifaceted dramaturgy, it is filled with originality and ambiguity, while the music development has quite unambiguous information: it demonstrates the contrast of two opposing styles (author’s and someone else’s) and the times (20th century and 19th century) that are not in contact with each other and not entering into dialogue.

Argento’s work is a typical example of postmodern consciousness, it anticipates traits that lead to new trends that go beyond postmodernism, contributing to the formation of a new direction that emerged after postmodernism, the main sign of which is a different perception and interpretation of the concept of communication.

In Argento’s work can be traced the presence of different worlds - micro-, macro-, mega-, virtual worlds, elements of deconstruction. Argento changes communication and creates a textual labyrinth, the characteristic feature of which is the doubling of worlds, which allows us to treat Argento’s letter as a “simulacrum.”

An analysis of the compositions allows us to make some predictions regarding the further development of communication processes in music in the coming decades.

Key words

musical communication, the genre of musical letter, postmodernism, deconstruction, simulacrum, virtual world, D. Argento, S. Rachmaninov.

For citation

Savvin A., Savvina l. Musical communication of postmodernism // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2020. No. 3. Pp. 105–112.