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G. Baybikova

Psychological and educational aspects in the development of the musician-performer’s analytical abilities

The article actualizes the problem of the formation and development of analytical abilities from the point of view of musical psychology and pedagogy. Analytical qualities are seen as practical musical abilities related to the manifestation of professional musical intelligence. As a result of the analysis of psychological and educational concepts, specific features of the musician’s thought operations were revealed. These include: the hearing-like nature of musical thinking, the unity of affect and intelligence in the process of analytical activity, the multifunctional nature of analytical abilities, the conjugating of natural analytical qualities and their personal-oriented development in the course of music learning, the interaction of intuition and consciousness. Particular attention is paid to the pedagogical aspect of the development of analytical abilities, which is due to the underestimation of the problem of intellectual development of the performer in mass music pedagogy. The generalization of musical and educational thought, the results of the practical activities of well-known musicians, as well as their own pedagogical experience allowed identify a number of effective conditions for the development of analytical competence. This is to build the capacity of the university’s educational process by introducing disciplines into the curriculum aimed at improving the skills of analyzing the content of the work in close connection with music and performing practice; the use of contemporary performance and educational analytics in the training process, which greatly enriched the structural and content aspects of the performance analysis of a musical work; Active use in the process of becoming a musician methods of problematic and interactive learning aimed at developing creative initiative in solving the problems of performing interpretation; reliance on the leading principles of musicalperforming didacticism (the connection of theory with performing practice, the unity of emotional and rational, the relationship of innate abilities and the process of their development), the crucial importance of pedagogical support in improving analytical activity.

Key words

musical thinking, analytical skills, analytical activities, performance and educational analysis, development of analytical qualities, conditions and methods of development.

For citation

Baybikova G. Psychological and educational aspects in the development of the musician-performer’s analytical abilities // South-Russian musical anthology. 2021. No. 1. Pp. 79–85.