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A. Kozubova, T. Frantova

Andamento by Padre Martini in the labyrinths of Italian fugue of the 17th–18th centuries

The article is devoted to a special type of fugue themes – andamento, which is found in Italian polyphonic music of the 17th–18th centuries. Andamento belongs to one of the first classifications of types of polyphonic themes intended for fugue, which was created by G. B. Martini and was included in the text of “Essay on Fugue Counterpoint” (“Esemplare o sia saggio fondamentale pratico di contrappunto fugato”, Parte 2). The named classification was developed by Martini based on a single for different themes criterion: the temporal length of the theme, which makes it possible to clearly distinguish andamento from other types of fugue themes. In total, Martini′s classification contains three types of topics: soggetto, andamento, attacco. The classification is focused on the organization of thematic processes in the vocal polyphony of the Renaissance, but its findings are relevant for the analysis of a wider range of musical phenomena. Based on the explanations of Martini himself, available in the “Essay on Fugue Counterpoint”, the article offers an explanation of the specifics of the andamento theme. At the same time, the findings of the modern theory of polyphonic theme, as well as the historical context of the art of fugue of the 17th–18th centuries were taken into account. The authors traced the connections between the andamento themes with the Italian ricercar themes of the 16th–17th centuries, providing the examples of a number of fugue forms in the music of composers of the 19th–20th centuries. The article examines the relationship between Martini′s theory and his musical compositions, in which there is an original version of polyphonic theme and multi-thematic complex, which has developed as a special version of andamento theme.

Key words

G. B. Martini, “Essay on Fugue Counterpoint”, classification of fugue themes, andamento, ricercar, Italian fugue of the 17th–18th centuries.

For citation

Kozubova A., Frantova T. Andamento by Padre Martini in the labyrinths of Italian fugue of the 17th–18th centuries // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2021. No. 4. Pp. 73–82.