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Z. Alieva

Six Sonatas for violin solo by E. Ysaye in the educational process of contemporary high school of music

The article is devoted to one of the most famous works for violin solo dated the first half of the 20th century. Six Sonatas for violin solo by E. Ysaye is the indisputable chef-d’oeuvre that inspired a lot of outstanding violinists of the past century. Nevertheless the named work is comparatively seldom used in the educational practice of contemporary schools of music. As the author of the article thinks the reason of this professional audience failure only rather roots in the technical troubles implying the extraordinary virtuoso schooling of a performer. The far more difficult task is the profound comprehension and adequate interpreter’s realization of the range and many-sided idea of the mentioned opus. A young musician aspiring to valuable realization of the author’s intention should to possess the appropriate outlook in history of musical genres, and more extensive knowledge concerning specificity of individual styles in the violin art of 1900–1920s, and the various kinds of program music (including the methods of its performing carrying out). In other words, the well-founded creative preparing inevitably foregoes the mature and convincing interpretation E. Ysaye’s Six Sonatas for violin. Hence the perspectives of purposeful studying some conceptual aspects within the bounds of high-school educational process are examined. The possibility of using some inter-discipline connections between educational courses as applied of organization the problem seminars and practical studies such as “Sonata for violin solo in the European music of the first half of the 20th century” (History of foreign music), or “Musical portraits of the outstanding violinists in E. Ysaye’s Six Sonatas: semantics of dedications” (Theory of music content), or “The ways of the concert stage realization Six Sonatas: towards the problem of composer’s and performer’s artistic co-authorship” (Interpreting musical pieces) etc. is based.

Key words

E. Ysaye, Six Sonatas for violin solo, contemporary pedagogical repertoire for high school of music, inter-discipline connections between educational courses, performing interpretation.

For citation

Alieva Z. Six Sonatas for violin solo by E. Ysaye in the educational process of contemporary high school of music // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2022. No. 1. Pp. 113–118.