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Huang Shuai

In search of new timbres: Go Wenjing. «Recitative for Chinese Gongs»

The author analyzes the creative trial of Chinese composers in sound production – the search for new timbre colors in the context of the interaction between the Eastern and Western musical cultures. The principles of blending traditional Chinese folk instruments with Western academic music in modern chamber music works are discussed in detail. The emphasis is placed on the new performing techniques, taking into account the author’s concept, the compositional structure of the musical form, and the characteristics of harmony. The article applies historical research method, longitudinal participant observation, musicological analysis of audio and video materials. The author concludes that in comparison with previous solos, ensembles and concerts, the chamber works fully embody the concept of fusion between China and the West. The Chinese original work of the new era, “Recitative for Chinese Gongs”, presented by Go Wenjing, played a leading role in promoting the creation and dissemination of original professional music of high calibre in China, better realization of the inheritance and promotion of traditional Chinese culture in contemporary music and further deepening the musical and cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world. The problem of exploring their applied function and artistic expression is worthy of continuous and indepth study.

Key words

chamber music, timbre mixts, new performance techniques, Go Wenjing, “Recitative for Chinese Gongs”, cultural dialogue between the East and West.

For citation

Huang Shuai. In search of new timbres: Go Wenjing. «Recitative for Chinese Gongs» // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2022. No. 4. Pp. 25-38.