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Xia Yu

The early records of Wynton Marsalis in the context of post-bop stylistics development

A trumpeter Winton Marsalis occupies a special place in modern jazz stylistics. The peculiarities of this musician’s career are connected with the fields of modern jazz performance, academic performance, pedagogy and administration of cultural institutions. The attention of the author of the article is focused on the consideration of an early set of recordings dating from the 1980s, which are of undoubted interest from the point of view of the stylistics of jazz post-bop. The period of formation of post-bop ideas in jazz practice falls on the second half of 1960s and it is mainly associated with the work of the second quintet of the trumpeter M. Davis. The continuity and influence of Davis’ ideas on Marsalis’ works are traced. Attention is paid to the effective practices of Marsalis in the field of academic performance, thanks to which the trumpeter demonstrates himself equally effectively both in jazz and academic perspectives. As a result, the trumpeter’s early jazz recordings show rather academic sound production, relatively weak swing and lack of expressive performance effects. Turning to the discussions in the community of jazz theorists who perceive Marsalis’ works as the result of feeble imitation and copying of previously created styles and manners, the author of the article takes the opposite point of view. The opinion is expressed according to which the considered range of Marsalis’ creative works should be analyzed as an independent element of late jazz history endowed with genuine artistic maturity and originality.

Key words

evolution of jazz styles, Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis, post-bop, bebop, hard-bop, jazz terminology.

For citation

Xia Yu. The early records of Wynton Marsalis in the context of post-bop stylistics development // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2022. No. 4. Pp. 71-77.