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G. Taraeva

Russian musical scholarship: inertia and prospects

The article raises the question of the metamorphoses of modern musical culture and the need to change traditional approach to the interpretation and coverage of new processes. The author divides academic research into the format of reflection of conceptual settings in various types of sources (monographs, articles, dissertations) and academic works that represent a discovery, a contribution to understanding reality. A brief review of the methodologically paradigmatic discoveries of Russian musical science (B. Asafiev, L. Mazel, E. Nazaykinskiy) is undertaken. The reflection of their concepts in the studies of academics – V. Medushevskiy, I. Barsova, L. Shaimukhametova, M. Aranovskiy, V. Kholopova and her academic “school” is highlighted. The study of the interaction of academic and mass genres in Soviet music (A. Tsuker), the phenomenon of jazz in modern socio-cultural processes (F. Shak) is noted. A review of the academic activities of the Moscow and Leningrad schools in the 1970–1990s and at the beginning of the new century is presented. The need for a re-orientation of modern studies is demonstrated by the formulation of new objects in musical culture. The article presents fundamental movement of the “work” into new layers of musical culture, such as sound “design” of a movie and a video game, as well as brief information about the world video game music idols (H. Zimmer, P. Romero, A. Yamaoka and N. Uematsu) and Russian film composers. The active use of libraries of sound samples by composers, the issues of selecting and combining the units, the banality of style imitation and the secret of a masterpiece, the crisis areas of musical pedagogy are commented. The question of prospects is raised not by listing contemporary academics who turn to new topics, but by declaring the need for new approaches to elucidation and interpretation of the essence of what is happening, fundamental “discoveries”, change in the paradigm of Russian musical scholarship.

Key words

methodology and paradigm in musical scholarship, academic discovery, development of concepts in musical scholarship, research schools, forecasts and prospects for musicology.

For citation

Taraeva G. Russian musical scholarship: inertia and prospects // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2023. No. 4. Рр. 96-103.