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Dabaeva I., Manko T.

Songs about war in modern Russian culture: forms of transmitting the genre

The purpose of the article is to identify universal, stable forms of transmission of one of the most representative areas of Russian music – songs about war. The direction of the research has identified the range of problems that can be reduced to differentiation and typologization of various forms of existence of the genre, formed in the second half of the 20th – beginning of the 21st centuries and examination of the ways of their renewal; specificities of songs presentation in formats associated with the Internet resources; establishment of the factors contributing to the resilience of this genre in the culture.

The research methodology is based on the principle of historicism, in which the detected forms of existence of the genre are characterized in the perspective of historical determinism.

Analysis of the forms of transmitting songs about the war in modern Russian culture has led the authors to the conclusion that there are two directions: the traditional one, which includes historically stable forms, and the new one, which primarily stems from the wide spread of Internet resources. Among traditional forms are the concerts, films, performances, musical and literary compositions, and medleys, in which songs about war are represented by single pieces. Over the decades, these forms have been updated to bring songs with military themes to the fore and to form a complete composition based exclusively on them. The authors describe new forms of transmitting songs about war, such as video clips and online concerts, which have become available to millions of listeners, as well as flash mobs and show programs, which have begun to include songs about war. The identification of traditional and non-traditional forms of existence of these songs contributes to the understanding of the historical process of development of the genre in its integrity.

The article raises the problem of relevance of songs about war in modern culture, connected with the importance of their functions: moral and educational, aesthetical and educational. The popularity of the genre is due to its inherent mobility, the tendency to interact with other popular genres.

Key words

songs about war, forms of song transmission, genre interactions, musical, medley, video clip, flash mob, online concert.

For citation

Dabaeva I., Manko T. Songs about war in modern Russian culture: forms of transmitting the genre // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2020. No. 4. Pp. 19–26.